Project Essays on Religious Studies +

One of the important tasks of the journal ERS is not only to publish the papers and translations in religious studies, but also to stimulate the spreading of religious studies knowledge as wide as possible. A part of our educational strategy is the project ERS+, which provides one-time and permanent cooperation with other scholar editions: professional and popular ones.

The project started with cooperation with one of the most authoritative editions in Ukrainian humanities – Philosophical Thought – the journal of H.S. Skovoroda Philosophy Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. This opportunity came into life thanks to the support of the idea of the shared issue by the editorial board of PhT and personally Serhiy Proleev (our special gratitude goes to him).

Directing to the PhT target audience, the issue topic was chosen to be philosophical and methodological worldview problem: how are religious studies possible today? The on-line round table discussion on this topic became an interesting experience, which allowed to engage geographically and thematically varied expert auditory: from Russia and Ukraine to Denmark and the US. Such initiatives have two main axiological dimensions: first, they are extremely interesting for the specialists in religious studies, because of raising the essential issues on the problems and specifics of their professional life. Secondly, they rise the curtain of the research process and invite readers to the world of religious studies.

Each part of the project will have its own thematic orientation, according to the reading auditory of the edition we plan to cooperate with. Especially, taking into consideration the fact that religion has an extremely large semantic field, which is not usually covered by scholar journals: religion in economics, politics in religion and religion in politics, transformations of religiosity in contemporary mass culture and popular art, religious studies and theology, religion in contemporary world with the eyes of an "ordinary observer" – we are open to any experiments, and our multi-faceted editorial board strengthens this potential.

We invite various editions to interesting, fruitful and sometimes surprising cooperation!

Completed projects:

Philosophical Thought. – 2013. – #3 (How Can Religious Studies be Possible Today?)