Editorial Foreword

Religious Studies in Eastern Europe

Tomas Bubik. Current Situation with Academic Study of Religion in Czech Republic

Postmodernism and Religious Studies: Discussion

Denys Shestopalets. Postmodernism and Academic Study of Religion

Olha Mukha. Comment toward Discussion about Postmodernism (to Shestopalets’ article Postmodernism and Academic Study of Religion

Theory and Methodology

Kseniya Kolkunova. Critics or Caretakers: on the Discussion of the Place of the Scholar of Religion in Society

Ievgen Piletskyi. Robert McCauley’s “Maturational Naturalness” Concept and Its Application in Religious Studies

Field Study

Illya Yagiyayev. The Problem of the Definition of Atheism in the Context of Psychological Studies

Tatyana Krikhtova. Anthropological Research of the Youth Groups of Pentecostal Church Word of the Life

In Memoriam

Oleg Kyselov. Natalia Gavrilova: Academic Biography and Bibliography

Natalia Gavrilova. To the Question on the Latest Methodological and Methodical Approaches in the Study of Religiosity


Mario von der Ruhr. Transcending the World: Wittgenstein, God, and the Unsayable

Harvey Whitehouse. Cognitive Evolution and Religion; Cognition and Religious Evolution

New Books

Mykhailo Cherenkov. Returning to the Person (on Irina Khromets’ book Introduction to the Anthropology of Karl Rahner. Kyiv: DUH I LITERA, 2014. 168 p.)

Oleg Kyselov. Review on: Zabaev I. Main Categories of Economic Ethic in Modern Russian Orthodoxy:A Sociological Analysis

Anton Leschinsky. Review of the Belorussian annual journal Sektovedenie (The Study of Sects) of Minsk Theological Academy of Belorussian Orthodox Church in 2011-2013.

Vyacheslav Ageyev. Krishna Consciousness and Attempt of Its Popularization in Ukraine. Review on: Traditional Vedic Culture in Modern World: Proceedings of the Round Table (June 15, 2012) within the 11th International Youth Religious Studies School “Tradition of Vaishnavism through the Ages”, Donetsk: Publishing House “Donbass”, 2013. 202 p.

Iuliia Korniichuk. Review on Waiting for the Pan-Orthodox Council: Spiritual and Ecumenical Way by Antoine Arjakovsky


On the 55th Anniversary of the Religious Studies Department of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

On the 50th Anniversary of the Department of Culturology of the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University

On the 10th Anniversary of the Youth Association for the Study of Religions

Bibliography of Ukrainian Religious Studies 2011-2013

Ph.D. Thesis in Religious Studies 2012-2013

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