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New Religious Movements
Dmytro Basyk. The Phenomenon of Ukrainian Ridnovir: the Essential Characteristic Features of its Formation and Development
Sergei Anoshko. The Sacred Texts of New Religions: The Problems of the Religious Canon of the Church of Scientology

Mykhailo Kobryn. Dohnal’s Religious Group: from Ukrainian Greek Catholic Traditionalists to Adherents of «the Russian world»
Oleksij Pawliuk. Dialogue and Mutual Understanding of the Catholic Church and Hindu Religions Based on Doctrine

Volodymyr Volkovskyi. Interaction Between the Church and the Society: the Lviv Format

Jan Kalenda, Tomáš Karger, Jiří Poslt. Chech Social Sciences and the New Religious Movements: Dangerous Liaisons
Eileen Barker. What Should We Do About the Cults? Policies, Information and the Perspective of INFORM

Fetisov Nikolay Nikolayevich: Archpriest, Martyr, Scholar of Religion
Nikolay Fetisov. The Experience of Understanding of Main Questions about Sect Studies

New Books
Anton Leschinsky. On the Nature of Non-Traditionl Religiosity. Review on: d-r. Martinovich V.A. Non-Traditional Religious Commitment: Origin and Migration. Texts for Studying of Non-Traditional Religiousity. – Vol. 1. – Minsk: Minsk Theological Academy, 2015. – 559 p.
Dmytro Horyevoy. The Problem of “Marginal Religiosity”. Review on: Nosachiov P.G. «Renounced Knowledge»: Researching of Marginal Religiousity in ХХth and early XXIth Centuries. – M.: Izd-vo PSTGU, 2015. – 336 p.
Olha Mukha. Technologies of Belief Construction: Chinese Recipe From Mao Zedong. Review on: Lifton R.D. Technoligies of «Brain Washing»: Psychology of Totalitarism. – Kh.: Vivat, 2015. – 416 p.
Illia Yagiyayev. Interdisciplinary studies of the Mystical. Review on: Malevich T.V. Theories of Mystical Experience: Historiography and Perspectives. – M.: IF RAN, 2014. – 175 p.

On the 25th Anniversary of the Religious Department of the Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy of NAS of Ukraine

Bibliography of Ukrainian Religious Studies 2014-2015

PhD Thesis in Religious Studies 2014-2015

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